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Love you guys,just a great couple havin fun.Just awesome!

I have a short attention span, so if I watch an 8 minute vid all the way through, it must be special. If I go back and watch it again and again, it must be FUCKIN' special - and this one is! Lots of comments: Where Lil swallows while deep-throating and says "I am so going to master that" I'm thinking "You just did!" Where Lil takes off her robe to show that cute white flapper outfit and Splatter says "I haven't seen that one before" and Lil looks really puzzled and says "You haven't?" I can just imagine her thinking "Well then who HAVE I shown it to?" And Lil giving voice to the pet that's trying to photobomb the scene is hilarious! And at the end: no, I haven't woken up to anything that fine in decades. Damn, soooooo many sexy things I love about this clip! The outfits are always great, the sexy talking is marvelous and your cocksucking skills are wonderful Lil. Thank you so much for providing me such nice stroking material as always. OK, so this is a duplicate vid, but it's twice as good as any other vid on Zoig, so that's fair! I'm wondering if I can tell when each clip was shot based solely on Lil's hair style and color. The Zoig folks are really missing out - there should be thousands of views of this by now. Especially love her in that 1920's looking "flapper" white lingerie, very suggestive.